LifeStyle Trading with CFDs – Accelerate Profits in Global Stock Market


Why Trade CFDs?

  • You can buy into great companies like Apple by paying only 10% of the stock price, and enjoy the same absolute gain when the stock moves. That means you get 20 times higher returns.
  • You will also earn dividends on the stocks.
  • You can go either long or short, that means you can profit from a rising or falling market.
  • Trade Global Indices that is available 24 hours a day.

What You Will Learn?

  • Secret of Trading CFD that most traders don’t know.
  • How to create and manage your Trading Plan.
  • Money & Trade Management using CFDs.
  • CFD entry and exit strategies for investors, short-term and mid-term traders.
  • How to Limit Loss at only 2% while potential Gain is Unlimited.
  • How to Win – even you are only 50% correct!
  • How to use the most powerful broker platform, step by step.

Also Included in Your Course:

  • Live Coaching sessions with our team of professional traders to hand-hold and fast track you to succeed.
  • Unlimited Re-sits to Workshops & Coaching sessions.
  • Personal Trading Plan to help you manage and achieve your financial goals.
  • And many more… ask us!


CFDs provides trading simplicity & the case study simulations provided valuable experience to trade even without any indicators. – Winson TKY –

Simple effective trading method & money management that really make profits. – Wee BS –

Interesting & simplified. Feel more confident to trade now. – Luqfi Hendriq –

Price Action training is the most impressive session. – FY Goh –

Reality hands-on trading simulation was super fun & very motivated. – Daniel W. –

Learned strict Money & Risk mgmt which is the Pillars of trading & Portfolio management. – Helmi Kassim –

Very impressive, full of excitement & fun program. Content solid, practical & effective learning experience. – Ridiana N. –

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Wed Jun 8, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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LifeStyle Trading with CFDs – Accelerate Profits in Global Stock Market